We Can Do This - Together!

Teachers all over the world are stepping up to continue to educate and connect with their students, despite school closures.

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Teachers everywhere are learning to conduct lessons in new ways due to the closure of many schools. We want to help! That's why we are sharing all of these educational digital resources in the coming weeks. So teachers can focus on doing what they do best - inspiring and supporting their students (and not having to spend hours preparing visual aids and worksheets first).

We're proud of the resources we've spent years developing. Many came from sparks of ideas born through activities and workshops with our students of all ages, learning English as a second language and preparing for examinations. We've adjusted and improved the worksheets after using them in our classrooms and noticing how the students react.

These resources are waiting to be inserted into your lessons, and accompanied with explanations and games to reinforce the content. We have a lot of fun using them as part of dynamic and entertaining lessons. We can't wait for you to use them too!

Educational resources for everyone

Even after schools re-open, our digital resources can be used by teachers, students and parents to complement their learning and teaching. Practice makes perfect, and there are plenty of exercises to practice with here.

We're regularly adding new material. You'll find a mixture of worksheets, reference cards, slideshows, game descriptions videos and audio tracks. A great lesson is varied and entertaining. Keeping students engaged and enjoying themselves really helps them to retain the information in the long term.

We have organised the material according to school year and have also included extensive materials to support students preparing for Cambridge English examinations of all levels.